People Can Be Huge Jerks (19 Pics)

The effort it takes to be a jerk makes it seem like there’s some kind of end goal, like the biggest jerk ever gets a $50 gift certificate. In which case I totally get it. [via thechive]



19 responses to People Can Be Huge Jerks (19 Pics)

    1. I prefer not touching the inside of the roll that someone with shitty fingers has touched, so different strokes for different folks I guess.

      1. When it’s at your house, you’re the only one touching the toilet paper. And if you find yourself with “shitty fingers,” your problem may not be toilet paper placement.

          1. Props to Dave for including a photo…he’s got the balls to own up to his comments!!!

  1. About half of these are just pranks, which are substantially different from just being a jerk, provided that the prank’s target is a good-humored friend.

    And you can’t really blame the neighbor with the new light. Unless he was using 18 inch screws, it’s probably not his fault for underestimating how thin his ceiling is.

        1. I very much doubt that there _is_ a ceiling downstairs. It’s likely just exposed floor joists. The neighbour attached something to the underside of the upstairs floor.

  2. The toilet paper thread has me laughing out loud. I prefer mine that way, less gets used with the old hit and spin technique.

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