14 Excessively Awesome Best Friend Moves

There’s being an awesome best friend, and then there’s taking it too far. [via buzzfeed]



19 responses to 14 Excessively Awesome Best Friend Moves

  1. “Surprise me on this thing you are etching permanently into my skin”

    Are you fucking kidding me? Who the fuck is this casual about a permanent thing? What the fuck does she expect?

    If you’re getting a tattoo, know what you want and get it. Otherwise, don’t get a tattoo.

  2. So, “to be extra” is familiar slang now?

    I wonder what percentage of slang is simply the product of people with poor vocabularies finding new and dumber ways to use the same simple words.

    1. “To be an extra” as in an extra in a movie. Because in the photo her friend pretended to be a male in the background of the photo. So ” extra” is not slang.

      1. Oh yes “to be an extra” perfectly explains the one where the friend bought all those chips. Movie extras are well known for buying boxes of potato chips.

  3. Some of these are friendzones, some are alright, a few are just not quite right. The one with the kid getting his head shaved so the teacher couldn’t tell them apart is the best one.

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