23 Online Shopping Disasters

Online shopping is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you order a box of chocolates and get a box of chocolate laxatives by mistake. [via berry]



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      1. it is posted in an online shopping disasters thread, and there are lots of dumb people here as your post proved.

  1. Those dresses look fine it’s not the dresses fault you look like a sack of spanners you would look like that no matter where the dress came from. And good look buying non Chinese clothing, check labeled 80% from Asia

    1. Are you kidding? Those girls are all skinny little teenagers; if that’s your idea of a “sack of spanners” then I’d hate to know what weight you think a teenaged girl should be. Did you even look at a comparison between the dresses, especially the first one, to compare the silhouette and materials?
      Those clothes are definitely not what was advertised. There’s a difference between buying from a legit seller who manufactures clothing in China and buying from a smaller fly-by-night seller who is trying to scam you. My guess is that these girls are first-time buyers from scam sites–it can be hard to tell the difference if you don’t know what red flags to look for. Next time they’ll know better.

  2. The last one’s discription says “boys” on it. He didn’t look closely at it. I wonder if it had the size of the couch online so people can whip out a measuring tape to get an idea of what the size is.

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