21 Memes About Sisterly Love

Growing up with that pain in the butt was worth it for the memes alone. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. Most are true. I am the oldest of five sisters, and two brothers.
    You learn to never wait to use the bathroom!

  2. I always hate these things. Me and my younger sister are so close people mistake us for twins all the time. We’re best friends and never do any of this petty shit. Want to borrow my stuff? Just ask! It’s like the people who write these things can’t fathom sisters who just…get along. We didn’t compete and we kept each other’s secrets like they were our own. I know this is perhaps more reflective of most people’s experience with their siblings but it’s oddly isolating that “must be twins then” is the explanation people jump to just because we get along.

    1. I usually got along with my sister too, but we fought sometimes. Siblings do that. They’re sometimes best friends, sometimes they’re bitter rivals, and sometimes you can have both kinds of relationship with the same person, depending on the day. Most siblings will fight though. Fact of life. You’re lucky, but very much in the minority if you never fought. That, or your memory is really selective.

      1. Yup. My sisters are my best friends and we’ve always been very close, but we still absolutely got into physical and verbal fights as kids, and did some petty things sometimes. I also have twin sons and they do some petty things to each other too, so the “must be twins” thing seems like a weird thing to say…

      2. Just to clarify I’m not saying my sister and I never had like, silly little slap fights when we were small or never argued or anything, I really meant more the adolescent stuff like stealing each other’s clothing or getting each other in trouble for fun. Or blackmailing each other or reading each other’s diary or other petty stuff not specifically in THIS list but in many others.

    2. Same with my sister and I. I was born 13 days after her first birthday and we’ve always been best friends. These kinds of lists don’t bother me. (Some of these are actually kinda sweet.) What bothers me is the amount of people that think girls just don’t get along.

      A (college) classmate with two baby daughters told me she was worried about her daughters getting along because, “girls are catty.” It was so hard to restrain my eye-rolling. And she’s far from the only person I’ve come across with this belief.

    3. My sister and I fight all the time, and I’ll willingly go to jail for killing the first person to hurt her. I don’t steal her shit ’cause it won’t fit me anyway, but yeah that’s the look on my face when I’m told to “hug it out” (and I BET it’s the look on hers!) and the bathroom fights are epic. But pretty much all siblings argue to some extent, and we actually have a really good relationship if you look past the petty shit.

    4. Apologetic complainer: it’s great that you have such a strong relationship but don’t you think there’s a chance that you just *happen* to be on the same wavelength? A sibling is another human being who is constantly in your space and you get NO SAY in the matter – you could love them to the ends of the earth but that is a recipe for conflict 999 times out of 1000!

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