Something Weird’s Going On (17 Pics)

These pics should inspire the following reaction: “Hey, wait a minute… what’s happ–… Oh I see.” [via acidcow]



25 responses to Something Weird’s Going On (17 Pics)

    1. Maybe not the worst thing _ever_, but they are pretty gross. I see a booming business for plastic surgeons in a decade or two, when a lot of people who have gauges realize how ridiculous they look.

      1. Tell us more about how tattoos and dying your hair blue are awful, grandpa. Or you could just keep your opinion to yourself since nobody’s hurting you or forcing you to get gauges.

          1. hmm seems like your a dick wad too and only your opinion is valid also….so how about people make cute funny comments and not worry about boasting their crap all over the place

  1. I don’t get the one with the guy sitting on the girl & the other guy is behind them – what’s so weird?

  2. The shovel one is pretty stupid since its easily possible that the paint releases/produces some dangerous molecules like aromatics and not only is it a healththreat, it also stays in your body for a really long time. seems like a too high risk to take for a steak

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