12 Questionable Buffet Items

It’s “All You Can Eat”, so… None? [via 22words]



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  1. Actually, Union Rings is not so far off, given that our word ‘Union’ comes from an analogy to how tightly united the rings of an onion are. Besides, a lot of these buffets are obviously not in English-speaking destinations. I’d like to see the manager of a local Dunkin Donuts have to translate his entire menu into Mandarin.

    1. Union comes from the latin for “one” but after a bit of research I realized you are right in what you probably meant to say: The “onion” got it’s name because it’s rings are tightly would, as if they were one. I learned something today.

        1. You’re welcome. That’s why I like to hang out in these comments, for the opportunity to educate and elucidate. In my real life, I find people pay me scant attention and often accuse me of being annoying or pedantic. They say, “Edward, what is it with always correcting people? Jeez, man, just back off. And stop wearing those stupid plaid shirts, you don’t look like a lumberjack you look like a server in Texas Roadhouse”. Here, I can be myself.

          1. As the Edward you are mocking, I quite enjoy your schtick, but I think it would be just as funny if you used any other name.

            Look, man, I don’t deny that I’m a little pedantic, but I don’t believe I’m really in the habit of humorlessly correcting people, least of all on Pleated Jeans. If that’s the character you want to play, perhaps it would remain funny if you called him Ted or Ned…

  2. How are the cheeto puffs questionable? I mean, you could combine those with something to make a delicious meal!

  3. I don’t even care about the spelling, it’s the food itself that looks like a nice 4 hour stay in the bathroom afterwards.

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