It’s Called Fashion, Heard of It? (19 Pics)

I respect people who put effort into their appearance, especially when it backfires and I can feel better about myself. [via thechive]



20 responses to It’s Called Fashion, Heard of It? (19 Pics)

  1. The jeans with the deer inset and patches- I’d that a guy? Or a lady? I’m really confused. Though, honestly, I don’t understand why either gender would wear them… they’re… problematic.

    1. Gender is a social construct, hater.

      A member of the Progressive Volunteer Corps will be by soon to accompany you to a re-education seminar.

  2. #1 looks like something a Yu Gi Oh protagonist would wear.
    And I’m choosing to believe that the lettuce bikini one is a Series of Unfortunate Events Esmee cosplay.

  3. The lettuce bikini is a PETA event on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. They get a bunch of women to dress up like that and serve veggie dogs. That is why you have a suit in the background of that picture. It’s not really funny… it’s several levels of sad. This website is probably the best context that bikini has for being humorous. Glad we gave it a shot…

    1. Ew. Nothing says “all creatures are deserving of equal respect” like a woman in a food-themed bikini at an event where all the men are wearing suits.

    2. More and more I think PETA is actually a covert pervert operation. I don’t know why they think stripping down women to basically no clothes promotes animal welfare at all. But they also think kidnapping and euthanizing people’s pets for no reason is okay, so, there’s that.

  4. I feel so much better about being an American! It’s really not just us!
    (And I love the fact that the previous sentance was finished by my phone!)

  5. RE the pic of the lady in the outfit that’s got photos of the dog all over it

    Is that a fully dressed man walking on a diving board? To the right… Or is that maybe a walkway over the pool?

    Just wondering. I don’t have a lot happening in my life right now.

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