When You Really Couldn’t Care Less (17 Pics)

You would care even less if you could, of course. [via smosh] 


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  1. I just want you to know, I’m not afraid to shovel food in my mouth in front of people of the opposite sex. I’m not like a regular girl. I’m a cool girl. *wink*

  2. That “F You” reminds me of when I used to work in the children’s department of a public library. We put our barcode stickers on the upper right corner of book covers, which sometimes resulted in parts of titles getting covered up. (Not a good system, but the higher-ups wouldn’t change it.) There was one book that got it worse than others. ‘Allies and Assassins’ became ‘Allies and Ass.’ I remember that one specifically because one mother did not understand how we could “let children read such smut!” and that we should have some sort of age limit on naughty books. She did not listen when we tried to show her the book’s actual title (on the title page of the book) and insisted “but the cover says ‘allies and [whispered] ass!'” I and the other librarian eventually convinced her by peeling back the sticker and showing her the full word. She left after that, huffy and angry at us and the library in general.

      1. Yeah, I think we tried that too, but didn’t have luck there. She was very dense, and totally unable to see any sort of reason or common sense. I lost a lot of faith in humanity that day.

    1. This other book you speak of; well, I’m interested in that one. Not the scary assassins, the other one. It sounds good.

      1. “Allies and Assassins” is a children’s book. If you’d like one similar to “Allies and Ass”, I’d suggest looking in the Adult Romance section.

        Honestly though, there were so many books there that make 50 Shades of Grey seem tame. I and a fee coworkers would do ‘dramatic readings’ of the corniest/cringiest on our breaks some days. What made it funnier is that 90% of the people we’d see checking them out were these sweet-looking little old ladies. Totally not the sort you’d expect to read stuff like that.

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