Animals That Don’t Give A Crap (16 Pics)

Casual animals know how to live. They are my heroes. [via sadanduseless]



16 responses to Animals That Don’t Give A Crap (16 Pics)

    1. Raccoons out in the day are not likely rabid… they are likely females who spent all night protecting their babies from predators and only get to forage during the day.

    2. It never fails.

      Every freaking time a picture or video appears online depicting an animal engaged in behavior that could broadly be described as “unusual,” it’s followed by comments insisting that the creature is suffering from rabies. Because apparently the internet is filled with people who are both veterinarians and psychics, and are so skilled at both roles that they can diagnose a disease solely on the basis of a single, out-of-context still image.

      FFS, if the raccoon picture is all you have to go on, it’s just as likely that the animal was taxidermied and left there as a prank. Or it could have rabies. Or it could be perfectly fine because you have no goddamn idea what you’re talking about.

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