16 Heartwarming Divorce Cakes

Who said wedding cakes should get all the glory? Divorce can be just as uplifting! [via 22words]



15 responses to 16 Heartwarming Divorce Cakes

    1. The way they worded it makes it difficult to define the part of speech. It varies either way. “To get a divorce” would be a noun, but “she divorced him” would be a verb. I agree with you, and I think they could’ve chosen a better way to word it.

  1. Good for these people getting out of relationships that obviously weren’t working, but this still makes me really sad. I’m a child of divorce, and I hope this never happens to me.

    1. As a divorced child of divorce, there are worse things. I wouldn’t worry about it. Worry about being trapped in a relationship that makes both people miserable. Divorces are at least an end…

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