When Your Significant Other Isn’t Too Smart (23 Pics)

It feels nice being the smart one in a relationship, but not when the bar is this low. [via dumpaday]



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    1. Well, technically, the sun is just the other HALF of the moon, so if they landed on the correct half (that being the moon half) then, no, they should not burst into flame. Although, depending on where they land on the moon half, they might be incredibly warmish.

    1. Gosh, there seems to be a lot of high-volume, overenthusiastic opinion sharing going on today. I think I’ll join in.
      -loud high-pitched gibbering-

  1. I had a boyfriend who thought that if he hugged me too tightly while on my period, he would squeeze the blood out of me like a sponge.

  2. Well I was going to send my kid to Salt Lake Community College, but not any more if those are their graduates.

  3. To be fair, that was sketch on “Monty Python and the Meaning of Life”. Organ donors came and murdered a guy for his kidney or something, because he was an organ donor. It’s pretty graphic.

  4. I don’t get the weirdly high number of posts all over the internet of “Oh I sent my boyfriend/husband/whatever out for pads and he brought back this!” Like how stupid are you that you didn’t give him specifications? There’s like 5 different thicknesses of pads, several brands, with and without wings, scented, and unscented. Tell him what you specifically want him to buy instead of just saying “pads” or shut up when he brings home the wrong thing.

    1. And who sends someone out to buy a thermometer when they aren’t feeling well? “Oh babe I have a fever go get me a thermometer instead of medicine.”

    2. There’s a vast difference between maxi pads and adult diapers. Diapers wouldn’t even have the word pads on the package and probably not even the same aisle. Besides you would think if you’re asking that the man has at least seen the package laying around. But i don’t know why you would send a man out for them either, unless to prove he’ll do it. It’s something you have a giant package of in the cupboard.

      1. Those weren’t diapers, they were leakage pads. Giant pads that work as diapers, but for less liquid. Piss pads.

        It says pads on the bag ffs

  5. derek, we need to talk… stealing other site’s articles is not ok. if you have trouble coming up with your own ideas. you can steal the concept of another site’s article, but you can’t just steal the headline and then cut and paste the content. i know coming up with new content (i.e. cutting and pasting from multiple unrelated sites) can seem daunting, but that is the job you signed up for.


    literally every person on the internet that has the same job as you

    1. How is it stealing, when you give credits? It says “[via dumpaday]” in the description (2nd line below the title)!

  6. Funny I already read all this on Reddit.. Before you were just stealing their photos but now text posts too?

  7. The real idiot is the woman who sent her husband out to get pads. Go get your own pads lazy a$$. Or give better instructions.

  8. Being funny and occasioally saying m’lady isn’t necessarily copying one specific character from a movie 24/7, the girl is really the dumb one.

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