21 Best Wrong Number Texts Ever

If texting the wrong number is wrong, then I don’t want to text the right number. [via 22words]



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  1. The one from Don to Lewis is creepy for sure. There’s obviously something in that shed that they want to keep a secret.

    There’s only one situation I can think of that would change it from creepy to not: The guy bought his significant other/kid/other family member a dog and is keeping it a secret as a gift. He does not want anyone to see his friend go to the shed, because that would be suspicious. Additionally, he does not want his friend to knock on the shed because the dog will bark, giving away the secret.

    Literally anything else is creepy AF.

    1. To be fair it just sounded like they trade weed or underage alcohol or something in the shed and want to make sure a parent isn’t in there, am I being naive or am I missing an obvious creepy clue?

  2. Why do I get the feeling Ole Hickory Ham Mike gave himself that nickname hoping it would catch on, but he’s the only one who uses it?

  3. The only wrong number texts were a long crazy diatribe about how someone’s sister in law was a goldigger and a random dick pic with no words. It’s like only super weird ppl send wrong texts

  4. That last one from “zach” at the “manacin” challenge must be some new prank or something because I got that exact same text not too long ago from a mysterious number. Same name and misspellings. Kids these days….

  5. Haha the party city shot glasses being brought to church are for communion. Other than that, these are wierd

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