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  1. I know this is going to get our Vegan friends upset, but I really don’t see why people make prosthetics for these crippled dogs. They’re not humans. They can’t enjoy life as a cripple like humans can (love, entertainment, intellectual pursuits etc). Dogs are purely physical beings and will only have a limited quality of life. Really, it would be just kinder to put them down.

    1. But after you spend $2000 on a purebred teacup whatever the hell that is, what else are you suppose to do when your cat bites it’s legs off day 1? What’s another $1000 vet bill, to a guy that owns his own 3D printer?

      1. Give the cat a medal? If you’re spending $2000 buying a dog you have too much money. You really want a dog? Go to a shelter. Be a responsible dog owner from the start.

    2. You should go read a book, Buzzy boy.
      Preferably a book that dwells into the inner life of animals, because dear me, you are dead wrong.

    3. This is not the real Buzz Killington. Someone is using my name. The real Buzz Killington (me) actually enjoys seeing Vegans upset. Not cool, dude.

    4. Actually a lot of dogs do great as cripples of various sorts. They don’t understand depression and feeling bad for themselves like we do. They usually fair way better than their crippled human counterparts because they just live life happily with what they have they really dont have that comparing themselves to others like we have… if you want to watch something awesome that kinda puts in in perspective in our world watch Stella Youngs Ted Talk… it’s short and really makes you realize the world is what you make of it… now if an animal is suffering with pain or really emotionally cannot accept what they have been given then yes I agree euthanasia is likely indicated… quality over quantity any day

    5. that’s literally not true at all and you know absolutely nothing about really most animals if you think that. give dog sense by john bradshaw a read. not even vegan but come on, what you just spouted was completely unscientific.

    6. You don’t have to be a vegan in order to not be a heartless a**hole. What the hell makes you think that a creature needs to have a rich inner life in order to benefit from being able to f***ing move? Guess what? Non-crippled dogs also don’t conduct scientific research, go to the movies, or enter the dating pool. They already have a limited quality of life. If anything, limited mobility affects them less than it does a human being; and being able to move with the help of a prosthetic pretty much brings them back to their baseline.

      Interestingly, if your goal here was to upset PETA-types, you’ve probably failed. As you may know, PETA shelters are notorious for destroying most of their animals. They explicitly agree with your BS about how emotionally fragile domestic animals are, and they believe that animals are better off dead than living in circumstances of poor health, moderate neglect, etc. In other words, you can be a vegan and an asshole.

    7. I know this is going to get our philanthropist friends upset, but I really don’t see why people make apologies for these people incapable of empathy. They’re not emotinoally intelligent. They can’t enjoy life as a decent person like normal people can (love, entertainment, intellectual pursuits etc). They are purely physical beings and will only have a limited quality of life. Really, it would be just kinder to cut off their internet access.

    8. if you think dogs aren’t capable of feeling love or being entertained i assume you’ve never been within 30 yards of a dog

    9. I understand and support your oppinion. All those prosthetics for fishes, bunnies, cats, turtles…why? They’re just animals. In nature, they would be eaten or left to die.

      1. That’s the difference between humans and nature. We can heal one another.

        Indeed, that’s perhaps the defining characteristic of humanity: the ability to work as a group to support the weakest and injured among us. And here’s the thing: social animals support one another. Wolves feed injured and even crippled wolves. Most feral cats live solitary lifestyles, and do die if injured too badly to hunt, but farm cats and cat colonies will provide for injured members. Rabbits, too.

        Turtles and fish don’t live socially, so they DO die. But rabbits, dogs, and some cats will help out injured colony-mates. And we’re humans — we are defined by our ability to accept other beings in as colony-mates.

        As a human, my success is the success of my community, not my individual success. Our evolutionary strategy is one of cooperation and promoting the genetic success of the general community even at the expense of the individual, and it’s a VERY effective strategy.

        And we also have the ability to accept other beings in as part of the community. Our human society includes nonhuman members, as pets and working beings, and, yes, also as food. But that thing about evolution grading us as a group rather than individuals — that stretches out to them. Yeah, humans are the most important part of this group. But working animals and pets count, too, to a lesser extent and even resource and food animals have a certain amount of consideration.

    10. Dogs really are smarter than people give them credit for. I work at a vet and, believe me, I’ve seen stupid dogs, but dogs are very in tune with the emotions of people around them. I’ve seen rescue dogs that arrived muddy and afraid, and got adopted right away because of how sweet and even-tempered they became after a bath and good food.

      We have regular patients, like a dog who lost his lower jaw to cancer but is still enthusiastically eating soft food almost a decade later, a cat that survived being hit by a car and only lost a leg and three teeth, even a blind diabetic dog who needs insulin shots twice a day. And they’re all sweet, affectionate pets that are genuinely enjoyable to work with. When our regulars pass away, everyone grieves.

      Sometimes euthanasia is the best option, true. There are people who are so attached to their pets that they try everything to keep them alive, to the point that it’s only prolonging suffering. It’s a really difficult decision to make.

      And you know what else? A lot of human prosthetics, medicines, and surgical techniques were originally designed by veterinarians, because there’s more legal room for trying new things. The first knee replacement surgeries were performed on dogs that needed it, and their success was vital in approving similar surgery in human patients.

      I hope you don’t have any pets.

    11. “…the question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?” — Jeremy Bentham, 1789.

      People have been aware for two and a quarter centuries that animals can feel pleasure and pain, can enjoy and can suffer. Animals which are adapted to life with humans, such as dogs, housecats, and domesticated rats, gain pleasure from contact with humans (unlike wolves, wildcats, and wild rats).

      I’ve met a few three-legged dogs in my day — a working dog may get injured on the job bad enough to need an amputation, and some of them are still able to work after that. Some aren’t, but are quite able to enjoy their lives on disability retirement. Cats, too — there are a few cats out there who are missing half their limbs, but none of their joie de vivre.

      The question is not Can they run? nor can they jump? but Can they love?

      And they can.

    12. “Purely physical beings.” Clearly, you have a very limited experience with dogs. Maybe spend some more time around them before you go making statements like that.

    13. Last time i checked, handicapped animals enjoyed life more than humans, who are in general bitter, self absorbed and miserable

    1. That book store is down the street from my house! They are always putting up cheesy puns. The karate studio is next to the laundromat and their is a tattoo shop above the bookstore.

  2. Better one for the United photo.

    When customers walk up but you gotta hide the marks on your face from the beating you got because you were 2 minutes late to work.

  3. You may mock the photo with the tiny handrail until you or someone you know gets bilateral knee surgery and any support provided for going up every step is greatly appreciated.

    1. yeah but that is sufficiently half-assed that it would only provide a tiny amount of support, If you’re gonna install a hand rail install one properly

    2. Yeah I have chronic pain and while a lot of the time I can do the stairs on my own, halfway up a little handrail like this is much appreciated 🙂

  4. About short red stair handrail, its not looking funny after you lost ability to climb stairs, like you do before. Trust me.

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