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cyanide and happiness

viaviaviaviawar and peas

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  1. I like gardening and sex. Gettin my fingers dirty, plowing away with an old hoe, sowing my seed into rich, loamy furrows, spreading wide and rooting deep.

    1. There are some breeds of rabbit that get just massive, but yeah, there’s gotta be some perspective trickery going on there, too ’cause I cannot figure out how big it seems to be.

    2. There are some breeds that can be very large! Like Flemish Giants for example. Not sure about the rabbit in the picture but not unheard of 🙂

      1. if that phone rings in the forest, does anyone hear it?

      1. I love the new Bio-land-line! There’s not even a dial tone, you just pick up the receiver and creation whispers to you your most urgent divine destiny. Now I’m always two steps ahead of that damned Yogi bear and his number two.

  2. Even the book titles for the Gardening and Sex section don’t help. “Waking Up in Eden.” “Pageant of Roses.” “Shrubs.”
    “Shrubs” you guys. “Shrubs.”

    1. Maybe it’s a specific category of romance. My old bookstore had a section devoted to supernatural romance. it made up half the adult romance section.

  3. “Baby” flavored Goldfish are just Goldfish crackers with less salt and additives, better formulated to give to small children. They’re also pretty tasty.

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