Good Spelling Is Importent (17 Pics)

We don’t have a spell-checker attached to our retinas yet and that’s why I don’t write anything outside of these text fields. [via dumpaday]



15 responses to Good Spelling Is Importent (17 Pics)

  1. I could see “We BYE Used Cars” being intentional. Because, yes, they’re *buying* them, but they’re also getting customers to say “BYE” to them.

    It’s a bit of a stretch, but car dealers are weird, so *shrug*

  2. Basketball player: That’s great, but who are the “Villians?”

    Floor painter: Great oogily boogily… *takes bite out Snickers*

  3. Who in god’s name would name their basketball team “The Villains” anyway? What are they, a bunch of former pro wrestlers?

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