This Security Guard Just Don’t Care

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  1. This is obviously a Reiki master at work. He can detect the “energy field” of a thing without actually touching it.

  2. Security theater at its finest. I do wonder if he gets more “enthusiastic” if someone looks “suspicious” (i.e., black or brown, turbaned or wearing a hijab.)

    1. All those things you listed are a sure fire way to get you through the line faster, sunshine.

      Watch next time how the Hand Rape Technicians™ go after a little old lady with a walker while they treat a dude wearing a bedsheet and one of those plastic holders for needlepoint on his head with kid gloves.

  3. I hate this illusion of security bullshit. Just do your damn job. I spent 2 months working in Kuwait and twice a day I got held up by some security guard pretending to use a rolling mirror to check the undercarriage of the SUV. One of them tripped over it once because he was trying to simultaneously walk \ flail the mirror around under my vehicle \ stare off into space at the same time.

  4. One side of my head is saying there is a log of profiling here while he makes eye contact and makes them stand for one second in front of the short-wave radar and facial rec cameras and the security is far better than we think we see and this is designed to make the bad guys overconfident and sloppy


    the other side says minimum wage.

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