Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Pet Alone (18 Pics)

Next time it might be cheaper to invest in a pet-sitter. Or a crate. [via boredpanda]



11 responses to Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Pet Alone (18 Pics)

  1. I’m glad my fluffy piece of shit (my sister started calling him that, and it stuck) just brings me things like dead mice and tiny live snakes. And the occasional grimy candy wrapper.

  2. Our awesome old dog died last week and this is why I’m afraid to get a new one. She had a naturally calm temperament, and even though she could be stubborn, she never really gave us any problems. I love most dogs I meet, but I just can’t imagine a better one. RIP Doodle. :'(

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you will take a chance on love again by visiting your local shelter. There’s another great dog out there, just waiting to join your family.

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