Funny Pic Dump (4.18.17)


mike organisciak

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      1. No no no, Dwayne Johnson is an actor, and The Rock is his twin brother, the wrestler. They are two different people.

  1. I’m missing something on the photo of Potus and Easter bunny. It’s part of the Easter Egg roll. The bunny is horrifying but they always are.

    1. They have identified the President as being the one on the left so you don’t get confused as to which one is the President.

    2. In the bar at the bottom of the TV screen they felt the need to point which one of the 2 was the president of the united states. In case you didn’t know if the president was on the left or right. And I will stop right here without making a political joke, or did I just make a political joke by saying I wasn’t going to make a political joke?

    3. The news scroll had to specify which one was the president “(left)”

    4. It is funny because the caption shows which is Donald Trump, saying (left), as though the viewer would not know the difference between him and the Easter Bunny.

    5. Look below the picture at the caption. They feel the need to say (left) as though the bunny could be mistaken for POTUS

    6. It’s that the caption indicates the President is on the “left” as if you wouldn’t have otherwise known which one was the president.

    7. I feel compelled to point out that the text below the picture points out that the being on the left is the president, not the being on the right, which is a bunny.

  2. Unless that spider chart is from Australia can the poor arachnophobes of the world let the rest of us have some spiders? i need a few for my cellar, anyway. oh, and some daring/jumping ones for entertainment purposes.

  3. My pet peeve is when people mix up “me” and “I,” and it’s caused me to not enjoy this pic dump. Learn correct usage, people.

      1. People all seem to think it’s always I. That’s wrong, and you’re stupid. Although Other Anonymous has the right idea. Bring the me back.

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