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these inside jokes

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    1. This joke comes up every time I see the “branch manager” meme. I don’t understand. The titles we use are branch manager and assistant branch manager. We do call Pence vice TO the president. What am I missing?

    1. “We need something Hip and Modern. Something that resonates with the Kids these days. Some way to connect Cultural Icons with Japan. We want them to start their trip to Japan with something that gets them going and lets them know how cool we are.”

  1. The last one really is interesting. It is a drawing to render a negative opinion about an everywoman character who has a opinion someone, never defined, called wrong, and overacts (in the opinion of the cartoonist) to the opinion of a dentist. The internet in one cartoon. Opinions, opinions everywhere but nor any thought to think- apologies to Coleridge.

    1. The picture is a selfie taken by a mischievous child cackling with glee at destroying (presumably) his mother’s phone in the sink. The caption has been added by another user creating one of those “MFW” (“My face when…” or variation on the theme) memes, to imply that the child’s face is a good representation of their own pleasure derived from seeing a certain brand of dish soap work effectively.

        1. Pretty sure that is from the Charleston Bridge Run. It’s an event where people run (also walk, amble, sashay and jog) where the entire goal is run, quite literally, over a bridge from Charleston, SC to Mount Pleasant, SC. It’s kinda a big deal.

  2. That book thing really works, my closest (not closet) book didnt have 206 pages and that acurately describes by non-existant love life

    1. Mine (Welcome to Nightvale, which is a great book) Says “I couldn’t taste anything for a week. No one does a dinner party like Earl Harlan.” Apparently I’m into some weird stuff.

  3. Can someone please explain the DVD one? Besides being incorrect English, I don’t see what’s supposed to be funny about it.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Each DVD is a dollar so getting one more at the same price is not a buy-one- get-one at something less which is what is usually meant by such wording.

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