Yup, There’s Your Problem (24 Pics)

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what went wrong. These are not those times. [via acidcow]



11 responses to Yup, There’s Your Problem (24 Pics)

  1. Hey tough guy, you might be comfortable in your manliness to go full pooh but your gun doesn’t have a barrel. You have a grip and a gas-block/sight but i don’t see evidence of a barrel.

      1. If that is true, then he probably should have moved the gas block back a bit.
        He probably just cut off the end of the barrel, which is both stupid and illegal.

  2. Pictures could have been funnier with proper framing i.e. Better title for the post. Keep trying Derek. This wasn’t as bad as that strange Star Wars memes post.

  3. The guy with the bike where the wheel came off, looks like he just improvised it into being a unicycle and is having no trouble.

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