22 Incredible Experts At Life

With one look, you can tell these people have it all figured out. [via dumpaday]



13 responses to 22 Incredible Experts At Life

  1. Everyone knows that you stick a fork into the cream of the oreo and then dip it in milk so your fingers don’t get messy.

  2. It seems to me that washing a single plate isn’t more labor-intensive than tearing off a piece of saran wrap and securing it around the plate.

    Bonus: using a plate like a normal human being saves you from the risk of tearing up pieces of hot saran wrap with your fork and accidentally eating them.

  3. You are trying to tell me it’s easier to spend an hour cutting around pepperoni to get tiny ass pieces of pizza is easier than ordering half pepperoni and half cheese??

  4. The trash bag holder is clever. I might use that with a tray and cement block on top, to keep the dog out. Or as a short term laundry basket, in which case I could forgo the top.

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