Funny Pic Dump (4.21.17)


mr lovenstein

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  1. Regarding the mic stand / candle holder. I first encounter this when I was in 3rd grade. I live in the Candlestick Park area and one weekend my father and I went to a music store. While there I saw the owner of the music store had decorated his window with mic stands arranged as candle sticks. I was really excited to see this and took a picture to show and tell the next Monday. I told the class about the store display and how the mic stands were being used as candle sticks and the teacher interpreted and said ‘No, that was a mic stand’. I replied that it was being used as a candle holder too but the teacher shot me down again. I got very emotional because I knew I was right but 3rd grade me did not have the verbal skill counter my teacher’s argument. I started crying in front of the whole class. 3rd grade is a bit too old for a boy to cry in class so at recess the other boys teased me so I got in a fight to defend my honor and was sent to the office. I still think that teacher was a cunt.

    1. My 3rd grade teacher was also somewhat of a c**t, but for entirely different reasons.

      My only advice is to be strong. Someday, the pain will pass.

  2. #6 == Go Australia!!!

    #12 == Sure, Arthurs ears are located higher up, but he is wearing bone conduction head phones to allow ambient noise to enter his highly tuned ears. This was all covered late in the 3rd or early in the 4th series when Arthurs wife got run over by a car (or a train) while jogging (or driving) wearing larger BEATS (or another brand) headphones and listening to classical (or rap) music. So Come on people show some respect. Some details are sketchy. I’m pretty sure it was Arthur.

    for example: aftershokz headphones. Arthur has never been run over while wearing bone conduction headphones.

    #21 == Don’t burn your mouth when your favourite song comes on !!! (ie. Cherry Pie by Warrant, or Heaven, also by Warrant, or possibly Sweet Child O Mine by Warrant, or All the Single Ladies, by Warrant).

    1. I think the bone conducting headphones were possibly from a different series featuring a girl with special hearing aids. She reminded me of Arthur as she was an anthropomorphized animal of unclear species like Arthur.

      1. In my country many women are attractive especially when they attempt to murder their husbands by choking them with plastic coated imitation cheese.

        Brother, I think you may be gay.

    1. Don’t call that bird “basic” until you see which beer he (or she) chooses. He (or she) might go for a well-crafted IPA or a fine Belgian import.

  3. I think I would continue to steal coworkers food/drink just so I could get a continual hit of that peron’s penmanship.

  4. To be fair, he chooses his beer quickly. Unfortunately a beer can is bigger than him so it takes him a while to get the beer once he’s chosen it. Poor birb.

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