16 Redditors Reveal Their Cringiest Teenage Moments

The best years of your life actually begin the very instant you forget your teenage years. [via ebaumsworld]



16 responses to 16 Redditors Reveal Their Cringiest Teenage Moments

  1. God I feel old. I don’t think MySpace existed when I was a teen. I also do not know what a “scene” kid is

      1. Scene kids are sort of like neon emo kids. They commonly have big, bright hair and wear neon colours. Lots of armbands too. And how can I forget the edgy band tees? It’s sort of like a bad, rainbow-spewing deviantart oc assumed the form of a person.

  2. This makes me feel so much better about my teenage hobby of photographing bird corpses on my shitty flip-phone.

    I wanted to be goth, OK?

    1. “Trying to be goth.”
      As opposed to all of those “authentic” goth kids who travelled forward in time from from 17th century France?

  3. We didn’t have MySpace or flip phones when I was a teen, but we had heavy metal. I used to wear my hair really big and draw on my face with eyeliner (ala Steven Tyler) and wear scarves in my hair and ripped jeans that were tight rolled.
    God the 80’s were a magnificent time to be alive.

  4. I was just weird without trying. Singing and dancing everywhere I went, that sort of thing. My clothes took the cake. “Blue pants are clean, purple shirt is clean, brown shoes are closest to the door, and I can’t find my other moon-and-star sock so I guess they’ll just have to be mismatched today…”
    My arbitrary costume wearing in college was probably cringe-worthy. I’d dress like Bowie from time to time, complete with a violently red Ziggy wig. Fuck Halloween, it’s May and I want to be David Bowie.

  5. Am I missing something? Even though I experience a lot of social anxiety, few if any of these things strike me as worth being ashamed of years later. Some of them are basically just saying, “I hadn’t developed my fashion sense or gotten very good at art by the time I was in high school.” To those people I would say, “Congratulations, you’re human!”

    Some people continue to have a poor fashion sense in adulthood. Some people remain bad artists. It is theoretically possible for a person of any age to accidentally pee on someone who is hiding in the bushes. Why are any of these things worth dwelling on if they were basically just momentary experiences from when you were a kid?

    It’s weird to me how people feel the need to look down on their former selves. Apparently it’s never sufficient to just say, “I was different back then.”

    1. It’s embarrassment, not shame. Shame = you did something bad or wrong. Embarrassment = you did something ridiculous.

      None of these things are shameful, but they ARE embarrassing.

  6. I don’t care if it’s romance, lust, or self defense: the fastest way to get a male’s attention is go for the crotch.

  7. In grade school I used to spend classes drawing on my arms/hands with permanent markers. I had paper to draw on, of course, but doing it on my arm was just so much better somehow. My mom got mad about it, but I kept at it until she confiscated my Sharpies. I think the final straw was a serpent-like dragon that started on the back of my hand, wrapped around my arm a few times, and ended at my elbow. I thought it was super cool.

    Looking back, I realize I was not seen as ‘that girl with the dragons on her arms’ and was actually ‘that nerd that draws on herself.’

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