15 People Not Adapting to Adulthood

Yeah so my body changed but my personality isn’t growing — what’s the deal? [via smosh]



16 responses to 15 People Not Adapting to Adulthood

    1. I am almost 70. Ask my wife if I am getting better about being an adult. Men never actually grow up they just grow old.

      1. I was a mature uni student and ran for mature student officer. My slogan was not mature, just older. I won got more votes than president and secretary combined.. should has stood for president, but i was a crap student. Now I’m old I’m a crap adult. It’s great.

    1. Yep, like making “a casserole”, or making “a stew”. Or you could say “go eat a curry” in the most insulting way possible.

  1. I’m assuming the guy avoiding talking to someone by using a bunch of menus also designed Comcast’s customer service department.

    1. Well the girlfriend is on her phone, so I think his menu fort is probably in response to her not talking to him. But I appreciate a burn on Comcast anyway.

  2. Hey the tortellini thing, I mean, it’s not like other pasta. Other pasta when you cook it in the hot water, it stays in the pot. The tortellini expands AND floats on the top of the water, so you gotta put in less water than you would with, say, elbow macaroni so when the tortellini expands, it doesn’t almost fall out of the pot because it’s all floating.

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