19 Unforgivable Pranks Involving Food

You don’t mess with someone’s taste buds. That’s going too far. [via buzzfeed]



23 responses to 19 Unforgivable Pranks Involving Food

    1. That was my thought. I’d actually *rather* get an avocado, but I hate Cadbury eggs because I think the filling is gross.

    1. …you don’t have to. what’s up with it is that someone breaded and fried a piece of cardboard so whoever goes to eat it thinks its chicken

  1. I’m going to need some convincing that salted Sour Patch is a bad thing. And although I wouldn’t put Miracle Whip in a donut, I wouldn’t spit it out either.

  2. I always cringe at the waste these pranks create.

    However, I *love* eating one Skittle and one M&M at a time together. So delicious.

    1. It’s funny because there are people starving all over the country but let’s just fill everything with toothpaste lololol.

      The Skittle M&M and Reese’s one definitely doesn’t sound bad, though. I mean, chocolate and peanut butter together, no problem. Chocolate and fruit flavors together? Also no problem. The peanut butter and fruit flavor might be weird but probably still no problem. Also it’s easy enough to eat one handful, realize it’s mixed up, and then just separate them out later, instead of wasting a bunch of food because lolz.

    1. It looks like it could be that fakey orange juice that’s really high fructose corn syrup, Tang, or very thick orange Kool-Aid. Whatever it’s supposed to be, a kid would def fall for it.

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