19 Genius “Almost” Fixes

You can’t exactly call it “fixed” if it still looks broken. [via ebaumsworld]



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    1. They get stuff from various places. Difference between them and other sites is that they actually credit the original site. So… it’s not really stealing. Places like the chive/berry just straight up take without linking back- that’s stealing.

      1. Not only that, they also don’t put a huge watermark for pleated-jeans on the posts they stole from another website that stole all the posts from instagram or tumblr or whatever in the first place.

  1. My first apartment had really awful locks that you could circumvent by twisting the knob juuuust right. I, too, had a tin can burglar alarm.

    1. We don’t have a deadbolt on our front door, so we keep a Christmas ornament with bells on it around the doorknob. Every time someone walks in the door it sounds like they’re walking into a shop.

  2. “Via Ebaumsworld.” In other words, from somewhere else, but Edward Baum replaced the watermark with his own.

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