24 Simple Tasks Completely Screwed Up

There’s no easier task. Anything less doesn’t even qualify as a “task”. [via 22words]



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  1. The staircase one is not a mistake (still looks funny on first glance I agree). The next staircase is a thinner one than the one before. This is a common fix, to prevent people jams in high foottraffic areas of buildings. If more people per second can pass up a section of staircase then the following section, then they have to by law (in certain types of building, in certain contries), have a flow control system in place to prevent injury or accident by over crowding 🙂

    1. Ok I see it now, good catch! Hopefully they have the bottom blocked off in a way that prevents people from accidentally trying to take the left half of the stairs or it’s an even worse flow problem than before.

    2. Always nice to have a partner in overthinking. Thanks for the building code information, which I assume is correct. However, it seems to me that the railing improve the flow of people only if they are exclusively going up the stairs. If there are more going down than up, or if everyone is going down as in the case of an evacuation, this dramatically impedes the flow. You’d think that that situation would be more important.

      And in any event, the building’s designer could have presumably just avoided major differences in the width of the stairs, in which case it’s still reasonable to say the picture depicts a mistake.

  2. Fanta had a “turn the world upside down” promotion, so the mostly upside down label printing was intentional.

    1. I was thinking that Windows books started on the shelf to the left, and ended at the top of this shelf. Macintosh books start just below. This might be the Macintosh shelf, though most of the books are out of frame.

      Also: the elevator one is dumb. I’ve seen a lot of elevators where those buttons spin. Surely someone can rotate it back into place.

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