Poor Dads Who Took Their Daughters To a Concert (13 Pics)

You can see on a guy’s face that he is internally saying “I’m not here, this isn’t happening”. [via sadanduseless]



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  1. Several of these pictures also have adult women looking less than pleased to be at the concert. Why single the “dads” out (quotes because it’s an assumption) as the ones who are such heroes at parenting? Way to completely embody your own post from August 2016 “Dads vs. Moms: Going Out in Public When You’re a Parent”

    1. A lot of the ones with adult women not looking pleased also include teenagers looking less than excited.

  2. I consider this spiritual revenge for the Abba tribute band my parents dragged me to when I was a kid. I was never a big fan of Abba, I considered them mostly tolerable, but unfortunately on that evening I was developing a case of food poisoning, and proceeded to vomit repeatedly in the auditorium whilst also suffering from hypoglycaemia, which I couldn’t treat because I was vomiting up every piece of food I ate.

    So now I fucking hate Abba. And mum wrote a letter of apology to the venue for the sheer amount of puke on their carpet.

  3. My dad took me to an Offspring concert and has spent the last 19 years singing, “Na na why don’t you get a job?” I think he rather enjoyed himself.

  4. When I was growing up my dad decided he would take each of his five kids to their first concert. He took my brother to see KISS. (This was in the early ’80s.) He took my older sister to see Billy Joel. He took me to REO Speedwagon, all the way in another city over an hour away! I don’t remember what concert he took my younger sisters to see. This brought up really fond memories, and tomorrow I’m going to call my dad and thank him again. (And ask him how he felt about going to see a KISS show!! He’s such a great dad – he’ll probably say he really enjoyed it!)

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