15 Sad But True Memes

I’m laughing but I also got sand in my eye. [via ebaumsworld]



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        1. Let me guess. Your definition of a lame major is anything that didn’t pay off. Too bad for the country’s unemployed teachers, lawyers, and nuclear engineers that they didn’t correctly anticipate the trends in their fields four to eight years ahead of time.

          In fact, it only sucks if you didn’t get a decent job, regardless of what the hell you majored in. Last I checked, the median income for a person with only a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy or English was somewhere in the vicinity of 38,000 dollars a year, which isn’t great but is pretty far removed from the subsistence wages that a lot of young college graduates need to put up with these days.

          When are people going to understand that there is no “correct” degree you can just insert into a job machine? If you truly believe some majors just have a natural payoff, it follows that you believe there would be no shortage of computer science jobs if literally everybody in the country majored in computer science. Which is goddamn ridiculous.

          1. Everything Ed said. I swear to god, every engineer is simultaneously convinced that everyone should have majored in engineering, but also that no one else could ever do such a tough job.

            You want to look down on people who major in French Literature? Okay, so should all knowledge of French Literature disappear off the face of the earth when no one studies it anymore? Or should only the independently wealthy get to gain knowledge for the sake of itself while the rest of us are restricted to learning things that lead to financial gain?

          2. I wonder, if a country considers free higher education (“free” is too simple of a word because of how complex it would actually be, but you get the idea), will they decide not all majors should be free? How would they decide which majors are too superfluous or whatever to be paid for by the society?

  1. “We’re going to let you die.”

    It’s funny, because millions of people could lose their health insurance in the very near future.

    1. A shame about all that money that was invested by the nation in their education.

    2. No, no, no! Only the bad poor people will lose their insurance. The good, Trump voting poors will get to keep theirs. And it will be cheaper for them. And God won’t let them get sick anyway because only evil people get sick.

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