21 Times Significant Others Were Caught Being Weird

The only way not to be caught is to be up front with your weirdness. [via boredpanda]



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    1. I also do make up songs for the dogs. Or change the words to already existing songs, or theme songs.

      Also, I wonder if the girl in the Ferris wheel thought she would be ok since it’s a big space (it looks like it’s a room almost) and then when she got in and it started moving her brain just went “nope!” and she had to get on the floor.

      1. Where… the… HELL do they have Ferris wheels like that? It looks like you could hold a goddamn family reunion in one of the cars. How big is the wheel itself?

          1. yeah…looks like London Eye….they hold about 30 per car, although they are never full now….sorry, it’s The British Airways Eye now!

      2. It’s the “High Roller” Observation Wheel at the LINQ in Las Vegas. There’s supposed to be a bar in each “cabin”.

      3. I am so glad I am not the only one that makes up songs or change words to an existing song about my dogs. I usually do that when I drive home from work to pass time away.

  1. Ice cream truck girl, you are a grown ass woman go to the store and buy some stop being a whiny twat.

    1. It might be that it was the last straw to a rough day, or something. I remember my dad telling me that my mum broke down in tears and sobs when she was pregnant with me, all because she wanted ice cream from Dairy Queen, and the machines had been broken since the night before.

  2. I often do the phone, tablet, laptop. I have no attention sp….Hehe, that dog has a poofy tail, c’mmere poof!

  3. god these capitalized facebook caption meme thingies make me want to throw my computer out the window

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