Pets That Don’t Understand Personal Space (18 Pics)

“Why wouldn’t you want us to be constantly touching?” [via sadanduseless]



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      1. Yes. This is good. Please continue on with your great work. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go catalog my doughnut receipts.

      1. When I’m laying down on the couch, my cat will always jump up on my chest and sit down with her butt in my face. I give her a little nudge and then she turns around and sits facing me with her nose about 0.0001 mm from my face. Forget trying to use a laptop while laying down.

    1. Or you could… idk… shut the door?! I’ve had my pupparoo for 4 years and have peed alone the whole time.

      1. *edit* I just realized that could seem like I’ve spent the last 4 years alone in the bathroom… doh

        1. I mean, a 4 year pee is generally not normal medically, but as long as you’re comfortable, you do you

      2. My cat will cry. Mournfully. And reach his little paws under the door, extend his claws, and shred the ever loving crap out of the bottom of it. Or viciously attack the carpet in despair. Letting him hang out while I pee just helps limit his potential for destruction. And doesn’t really affect me at all. He’s just a cat.

        He doesn’t get to sit in my pants or on my lap though, that’s just weird. He sits beside me on the tub or behind me on the tank.

      3. Our beagle sits outside and cries, and cries, he doesn’t always come all the way in, just needs to peek in to make sure you’re still there. (We adopted him and he suffered abuse as a puppy and seens terrified we’ll leave him – so I guess our situation isn’t quite the norm.)

        1. Our dog was also abused before we adopted him. Closing the door causes a complete meltdown. Leave it open just a crack and he’s fine.

  1. Now why don’t we step up here? And everybody get’s stepped up and let’s get some stepped up personal space up in this place.

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