Messy Kids Are A Disaster (25 Pics)

It’s tough to choose between paying for daycare or a maid service.[via thechive]



14 responses to Messy Kids Are A Disaster (25 Pics)

  1. Wow! That kid with sharpie on his face is straight up racist!

    Great parenting!

    They should have their kids taken away.

  2. Christ – what kind of drink looks like that ‘little brother’ one?
    While I guess I can understand the amusement that might come from discovering your child’s particular imaginative mess, I will never understand the birthday ones where the parents just offer their children a cake to make as much mess as possible with.

    1. Looks like cranberry juice. Cranberry juice can look weirdly like blood.

      I didn’t want to comment on these pictures except the ones where they gave a toddler an entire cake. WHY?

      1. A lot of people will give their kids a “smash cake” on their first birthday so they can destroy it

  3. I don’t think I have the temperament to have kids. I’m good with other people’s kids, but that’s like petting someone’s cat, not cleaning up its puke and replacing the stuff it ruins…

  4. Also, in no way could the picture of the kid who has 4 drawers and a cupboard open be considered a “messy disaster. The kid is safley contained and all of the contents of the drawer are still in place.

    And the kid on the shelves… hardly a mess.

    Youre not even trying anymore

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