19 Hilarious Vintage Yearbook Quotes

You thought goofing off in your senior quote  was a new thing? [via acidcow]



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    1. The famous Harvey Milk would have been 17 in 1947. It looks kind of like him, especially the facial shape and ears. I also found the yearbook image on a page dedicated to Milks life. So I’d say pretty likely that it’s the most famous Milk.

  1. Dick didn’t have the same meaning back then as it does now, it was just a generic name for a man. It’s the same as in the phrase “Every Tom, Dick, and Harry.”

    1. Yes it did. My mom dated a guy named “Dick Cox” and my father always joked that his name was “Dick Peter Cox”. ha, ha, ha… This was in the 1940s.

      1. I recall Jane Austen making a comment about some dude name Richard, and that he was no better than the shortened form of his name.

  2. I have a feeling that expressing a desire to murder the faculty might be taken a little differently these days…

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