Find The Hidden Cats! (21 Pics)

FACT: There is at least one cat hidden in every single picture that’s ever been taken. Prove there’s not. Exactly. You can’t. [22words]



18 responses to Find The Hidden Cats! (21 Pics)

    1. People are such judgmental dicks.

      What are you even talking about, Jade? A closet that’s not organized in accordance with your standards? A desk with rolls of tape on it? An overgrown house plant? Or do you just not like people’s choices of decor?

      1. Poor choice of carpet may be the landlords not the people living there! If you want to see gross homes look at teen girl shelties in there bedrooms! Gross. Btw I don’t recommend googling that. But chive the closet pervert site for lazy pervs will help

    1. You’re the idiot who’s consuming more time looking at stuff you hate and then complaining about it instead of doing literally anything else, like decomposing.

        1. I still can’t find it… I either need new glasses, a new computer or this is all an elaborate trick to drive me crazy. Using the principal of Occam’s Razor, clearly it is the third

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