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  1. It is a busted up grungy mannequin. It’s a thing that someone considered art. Then it got re-purposed for this post because they are crawling and there are wires coming out of it and that equates to a phone charger. Because someone out there thinks it is art, I am obligated to say on their behalf “you wouldn’t understand.” I’m not supposed to tell you this but for or your benefit the implied translation of that is “It’s all BS but I’m rich, or pretending to be, and I want to feel more important than you by leveraging made up intellectual constructs.”

    1. FWIW, I actually like it as art for reasons of visual appeal and inspiring thought along the lines of “man as a machine” (or woman as a machine as the case may be). That being said, there is a very good chance of my opinion changing completely were I to meet the artist and find them to be of the “Holier than thou” mentality. For now though, I just like it.

  2. Your post f***ed me up today, Derek. That is truly a horrifying picture of the recently immolated robot woman at the feet of several indifferent humans, begging to be put out of her misery and wondering what sort of intelligent race would program her to feel pain.

    By the time I got over that one, I was confronted with the Asian family swapping clothes, which I stared at for an uncomfortably long time, trying to figure out why the young woman is taller than her mother in the first picture, but shorter than her mother in the second, and also why the man is slightly taller than both of the women in the first picture but then towers over them after putting on a dress.

    From there, bam! It’s straight to a dog defying the basic laws of physics, and then to return to good old fashioned horror, there’s the incomparable humor of a cat stuck in a tree, being attacked by a bird.

    Here’s an idea. How about for tomorrow’s batch you include a large black rectangle with the words “There is no God” written on it?

        1. I did not write the above comment, but I don’t disavow it, either.

          Don’t be a dick about usernames, though, people.

          1. I don’t appreciate being told to not be Dick. i am who I am.
            There is the whole you can’t stop me thing but I only do it if it makes comedic sense and I don’t often use this ability for good or evil.

          2. On second thought, I revoke my previous statement. Continue being dicks.

      1. Not obvious. Things exist whether or not you observe them.
        And black for contrast duh. The page background is white and a black rectangle would pop more. Hitler understood graphic arts better than you.

        1. but what if hitler was like really good at graphic arts though, y’know as a side hobby. you didn’t know hitler, man.

    1. The height changes in the pics with the family changing outfits is due to the heights of their shoes. Not only are they changing clothes, but also the shoes, and the younger woman had very high heels, which brought her up to near the height of the man, but when he wore them, he was much taller.

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