17 Delightfully Sassy Moms

The worst part is the sass is justified about 99% of the time. [via buzzfeed]



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      1. Perhaps our friend psycho is referring to the New Testament parable of the wheat and the tares, in which the wheat symbolizes good people, while weeds (or, tares), are used to symbolize sinful individuals.

    1. I’d say that woman consists of equal portions of sociopathy and narcissism. I truly hope the torn up photo was staged…

    2. The kind who wants to know how much they weigh without the other people, so they put everybody else on the scale, then zeroes it out, then finds out their own weight. (‘Cause that’s “tares” means if you remember from high school chemistry.)

  1. 1. Saying “ma maw” makes one sound ignorant. But they probably are, so…

    2. If your Mom has fought with all her friends and cut them all out of her life, it’s time to start thinking about what the common denominator is in the situation…

    1. If you object to people using endearing slang, might I suggest that you substitute the words “ma”, “mom”, and “mommy” with Mother for the rest of your life and see how long you last without sounding like a pretentious jackass.

        1. I think it’s a southern thing, one side of my family calls all their parents “mother” and “daddy”

    2. “Ma maw” is a pretty common term for “grandmother”, as well as being a pretty common term for “mother”. And, yeah, I DO refer to my parents as “Father” and “Mother”, or, occasionally, “Mr Father” and “Ms Mother”, but they refer to me as “Mr Son” in response, so it’s all good.

      I call my sister “Sibling”, of course.

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