24 Hilarious Re-Imagined Album Covers

Alas, this list is not all bare-chested Jeff Goldblum. [via thechive]



12 responses to 24 Hilarious Re-Imagined Album Covers

    1. If you don’t already know the original, it’s not funny.

      If you don’t like Star Wars, it’s not funny.

  1. Wow, this would be terribly unfunny if I were the type to despise parody for parody’s sake.

    Ha, get it?

    Star War’s is a thing and these albums are a thing!

    That’s SOOOO fucking funny.

  2. I’ve got to stop clicking through on album cover mashup articles. Just makes me feel like I don’t know anything about music. Or just everyone else’s music.

  3. This must have started out as a “See who can make an existing (doesn’t have to be too well known) album cover to feature something about Star Wars”

    The results are meh.

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