17 Cases of Instant Karma

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing karma in action. [via 22words]



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  1. Cat on pizza? How is this karma? Is this what you get for owning a cat? Yes but everyone knows that. So how is it karma?

    1. It means they have committed unspeakable sins. We may not know what they are. But you will know if you have committed them, for a cat will come and sit on your pizza.

      1. I didn’t realize there was pineapple on it, now its clear! Pineapple on pizza is a deadly sin and the price you pay for it is a cat butt.

      2. Ooooorrr, he was claiming the golden topped slices for himself, plotting to later sneakily snag them from garbage bin…or whatever is necessary.

  2. Taking people’s clothes out mid-cycle is evil.

    I live in a four unit building, and one is let out to AirBNB. I had to leave town to plan the funeral of a beloved family member, so I wasn’t hogging the machine. When I got back, feeling really crappy because my loved one had died, some AirBNB woman took out all my laundry after ten minutes and threw it on the floor.

    1. You were hogging the machine. But she shouldn’t have put them on the floor. Idk why you thikn you know it was after 10 minutes. She should have waited until the wash cycle was done and then put them in a basket or on a table or something clean like that. But you shouldn’t have left the clothes in the machine to molder and ruin the machine w/out telling anyone.

  3. I mean, if you’re drunk driving in Wyoming is there really a chance of hitting anything at all other than aggressive wind?

  4. So, is anyone else going to comment about the guy who apparently keeps frozen dog laxatives in a communal refrigerator?

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