18 Kids With Great Reasons to Cry

Sometimes a good reason to cry is just that anything happened. [via sadanduseless]



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  1. I think some of the parents are being bigger shits than the kids. They are just kids, you are laughing and taking pictures to share on the internet for attention. That says more than enough about you.

      1. And you clearly don’t mind exposing your kids to unwanted attention from strangers for the sake of a like. Aren’t you special.

        1. Calm down, sweety. These children are not in pain, just acting out. You see exploitation, we parents we relatability. Anyways, wipe yourself off and give me a call when you get a chance. Love you!

    1. I’m sure some parents have that mindset, but I think most are just trying to make a connection with other parents whose children have had meltdowns for similarly bazaar reasons. And there’s something kind of poignant about being reminded of times when I was really little and got very upset by something minor, even though at the time it felt the biggest, most devastating obstacle in the world. It’s kind of sweet and adorable to see these kids learn to cope with sadness and frustration, knowing that it’s something we’ve all been through.

    2. Yeah, I’m really glad we didn’t have the internet, smartphones, and social media when I was a kid.

  2. I love the little girl next to the boy crying in the grocery cart seat. She clearly could not give less of a fuck about his plight.

    1. from their point of view, it may very well be the biggest disaster ever. think about it, what if there are no more muffins anywhere?

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