23 Posts About Retail Work Hell

Retail work is great because it’s high stress and low pay. Oh wait, neither of those things are great. [via acidcow]



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  1. It’s always posts like these that make me appreciate the fact that I’m not in retail anymore and simultaneously fear that something super shitty is gonna go down in my life and I’m gonna end up back behind that register.

    1. This is a 100% valid fear. I have stress dreams about it and I haven’t worked in retail for 13 years.

  2. My store had an unconditional return policy so customers can return anything at any time in any condition. I recently had to do a $500 return on clothes. No idea how the company makes money.

    1. I assume, rather than going into the back to “check again”, the clerk goes in back and eats Starburst for five minutes.

  3. Worked retail for almost a year, then moved to food service. Retail was so much easier. Breaks/looking for stock, definitive hours, not having to deal with the cooks who are always in a bad mood..

  4. Hey you know what’s worse than a customer saying “IT MUST BE FREE SINCE IT DIDN’T SCAN”?! Not having any idea how much something in the store costs because nobody marked the price and there’s no price scanners, or the price scanners don’t work, and then you go to check out and the item won’t scan so great now you have to wait forever for a manager to show up to figure out how much to charge for the thing, and the manager looks annoyed that you had the audacity to want to buy an item that won’t scan, like it’s your fault. So sorry some people make jokes about an item that won’t scan being free, maybe that joke is all that’s keeping them from erupting in rage and throwing it at you because they’re just trying to buy the stupid thing but can’t.

    1. I hate this comment more than I thought I could hate a comment about this post. Who are you going to yell at? The cashier? It’s their job to stock shelves, keep all store scanners in working order, all of that for a little bit over minimum wage. Cashiers don’t enjoy that awkward wait for a price or code or ANYTHING to keep things moving. Saying a stupid over-used joke doesn’t really make the situation any better- plus, your stay in the store that day is over. They may have hours left of people blaming them for things they can’t control at all and people expecting them to feel lucky that people like you aren’t throwing things at them is crap. If you want to yell at someone call the corporate office or- literally anything other than taking out your aggression on someone who can do nothing about any of it and doesn’t get paid enoughto deal with adult temper tantrums.

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