19 Dogs Afraid of Ridiculous Things

Maybe we should start calling frightened people “scaredy dogs”. [via boredpanda]



14 responses to 19 Dogs Afraid of Ridiculous Things

    1. That’s actually not unreasonable, when you think about it.

      When I was house shopping, there was a place I loved, but it had a spiral staircase in it. My dog couldn’t deal with it. I had to walk away from the house– fortunately I had not put down any money yet.

  1. Does anyone know what that tiny jumping rodent-thing is that’s scaring the springer (black and white shaggy dog) so badly it’s flying?

  2. That pug is totally justified to be terrified of that human/pug hybrid, that things the stuff of nightmares, plus I know way too many adults terrified of getting shots at their doctor’s office as well.

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