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safely endangered

viaviaviaviaviaviaviaviajake likes onions

viaviaviaviaviaviaviaviafalse knees

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    1. It is a poorly executed attempt to use incongruously harsh vocabulary for humorous effect.

      Mentally expunge the profanity from that comic and you’ll see that there is no humorous content whatsoever.

        1. I must be getting old. I haven’t found this type of humor funny for a long time. Apparently there’s a market for it.

          It is very, very easy to put bad words in the mouth of cute things. When that’s the entire joke? Hardly worth it.

          It was somewhat novel back in the F U Penguin days I suppose.

      1. Tell me, Humor Critic, why it is you employ such sesquipedalian verbiage to support your arguments, rather than opting for a more diminutive wording, with which you would convey your message much more effectively?

        1. The bombast complements my affectations of pomposity.

          I daresay a moniker such as, f.ex., The Joke Reviewer–with or without exclamation mark–would convey a marginally more accessible personage than Humor Critic?

          In a word: irony.

          In two words: not funny. Much like the comics I criticize, subjectively speakin’ … bro!

    1. Actually, if you watched his 300k subs nationality reveal you’d know he’s actually of Puerto Rican descent


  1. Now you have a bee in your mouth.

    Now you have a bee in your throat.

    Now you have a stinger in your esophagus.

    Now you realize you are allergic to bee stings.

      1. It’s a matter of the scale of time. Everyone is technically an immigrant from some place else except for an isolated spot in Africa if you want to get ridiculous. But tell any nationality other than an African native this and you’re being an idiot, unless you’re saying there are no Irish, English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi etc…

        1. I hate to say I agree with “poopies”, but… it’s a valid point. Everyone on the entire planet *is* an immigrant- some groups just immigrated sooner than others.
          There’s no scale, really, though. I am not Scottish- as those ancestors came to this hemisphere more than 400 years ago, nor Irish- as those came here more than 150 years ago, nor a Dane- as that was 220+ years ago, nor English- as that was 200+ years ago, and so forth.
          I was born on on this continent- hence, I am a native American.
          Just saying.

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