Sweet, Sweet Revenge (17 Pics)

It’s comforting just to know someone’s thinking of you. [via thechive]



20 responses to Sweet, Sweet Revenge (17 Pics)

    1. I think somebody dumped his trash on that road, but it contained an envelope with the address. The trash got delivered back at it’s owner’s house.

      1. The only problem is that the guy likely “learned his lesson” and took out any identifying mail from then on.

    1. Girls don’t usually lift up the seat, so it’s more likely that the boyfriend sees the note before the girl when it’s under there.

  1. And the bro message was placed *under* the toilet seat which is essentially invisible for ladies but a secret man-place which has been used here for leaving secret messages.

    1. Unless she cleans her bathroom. Also she could have been lying to him to get him to leave. Maybe he was too clingy.

  2. I don’t see how blocking bad parkers in their parking spot helps anything. It just makes it worse because then their bad parking continues to stay their and annoy even more people.

  3. this is all taken in total from a tumblr called pettyrevenge and/or prorevenge. I like these kind of stories but I was hoping to read new ones when I clicked. sad day.

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