Woman vs. Animal (21 Pics)

While you look at these funny pics, remember that all of these people chose to take a picture rather than help. It adds another element. [via acidcow]



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      1. Herbivorous animals often have quite strong jaws and tough molars to deal with plant fibres and such. You can get quite a nasty bruise from being bitten by them, even if it doesn’t break the skin. I’ve had quite a few goat bites in my time.

          1. So are humans. A human’s jaw strength can be up to 292 pounds of force at the second molars.

    1. Considering a pig can eat a human being (minus hair and teeth being a digestion issue) I’d think getting bitten by one would hurt quite a lot.

  1. In number 5 (dog kicking girl in face) does it kind of look like the little Pekingese in her arms is laughing

  2. Does the woman with the pigeons see an out of control truck heading their way? Pigeons lack the puncturing claws of a peregrine, or the massive death-dealing beak of a Steller’s sea eagle, and plus they’re not in your hair, woman!, so.
    Also, is that girl in the pink shirt being fed to a honey badger? Wolverine? Unless she’s at the Edward Gorey Petting Zoo: “B is for Bridget, eaten ear-first by a badger.”

    1. I thought it looked like a wolverine. But who would have a wolverine on a leash out in society?

  3. For some reason the girl just sitting there crying while the monkey plays in her hair made me laugh more than all the others. She looks so resigned to her fate and she’s doing her best to hold it together as her monkey overlord claims his human prize.

  4. Most of these look like they were in the process of taking a photo, so it’s not like the photographer saw the distress and said, “wait! I need to take a picture of this!”

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