Funny Pic Dump (5.22.17)

viaextra fabulous

viaviaviaviaviasmudged up
viaviaviaviaheck if i know comics

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21 responses to Funny Pic Dump (5.22.17)

  1. Great batch today! I enjoy all the dark humor and cynicism, like the spider prank, divorce selfie, dog peep, etc. Derek is really getting the hang of this quickly!

        1. i´m still waiting for the day that some of the best comments on this comment section become an actual Pleated Jeans post

  2. How did that guy get that wolf to stay so still while being pulled on a dolly? He is an amazing trainer.

    1. But as tempting as it may be, don’t use it as a hat…
      “I really like the parmesan cheese on this spaghetti!”
      “That’s not parmesan. It’s dandruff.”

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