19 Bad Prom Dresses Ordered Online

If you’re going to get a bad prom dress at least shop local! [via smosh]



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  1. While I am at it…why would you not go try on a prom dress? I understand wanting to save money, but damn girls, it’s your PROM DRESS. This is important. Go try that shit on and get something that fits you.

    1. No. A prom dress is not important. At all. Once you’ve left school, real life starts. In real life no-one even remotely cares what you wore to prom. You yourself included.

      1. Agreed. I mean, I get how disappointing it would be to get these but most of these dresses seem more like wedding or red carpet gowns. But yeah, if prom IS that important to you, go try it on.

  2. It’s same reason I wouldn’t buy a suit, a pair of shoes or eyeglasses online. They look and feel very different when they are on your body.

    1. Not everyone lives where they have access to choices, especially if you have a different body type or need an unusual size. Where I live, you can shop for prom dresses at one local boutique, Sears, or Value Village. Shopping online beats a 6 hour drive or a plane tickets to get more choices.

  3. ITA some need tailoring – the pink one looks nice to me. Plus most of the models are super skinny and probably photo shopped and most of these girls are of normal American size so it doesn’t drape and fall right. The ones that are switch and bait are clearly easy to see. I know online is cheaper but I can’t imagine not trying on such an important dress either.

    1. But is it that important? It’s prom. I do not remember my prom dress. Knowing my fashion trends then I would bet if you found a pic of me it would be an ugly dress and it was even before online shopping was popular. I’m sure it existed but I got a dial-up modem when I was 19. I barely remember anything about prom. It’s a high school dance. You can still have a super happy life even after a bad prom dress, and there’s at least a 60% likelihood that I’m an example of a “normal” person with a bad prom dress.

      1. It’s important when you’re in high school, so yeah – it’s important. Is it important forever? No, but most things aren’t. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t for these girls.

        And I remember my prom dresses. One was a pink monstrosity that I bought second-hand. My mom made the other one. <3

        1. Coincidentally, the “list of things high school girls think are important” is exactly the same as the “list of things that matter the least”.

    2. A good more than half the dresses look like they’re probably knockoffs, because it’s not just the fitting, the designs are off in a lot of them. The lace, beading, fabric types.

    1. Yeah, speaking for the rest of the world we’ll take the apple pie to go and you can keep the other two

  4. The 4th one down just needs some better underwear and it will look great. Seriously though – if you want a couture dress, you have to pay a couture price. Who would think they’re getting Blake Lively’s or Beyoncé’s dress from an online site???

  5. Why the hell would you think you’d be able to order the same dress that Blake Lively wore on a red carpet from so be random store online? That’s just… stupid.

  6. Was going to say number 5 didnt look that bad, heck it looked good. Then I looked to the left and it was an after before

  7. These are all ordered from sweatshops in China… Kinda serves them right for supporting what is basically slave labor

  8. What these girls dont realize is that the dresses the models are wearing are fitted and altered for exactly their figure. Buying a form fitting dress online is stupid, unless you’re already shaped like a sack.

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