Funny Pic Dump (5.23.17)


mr lovenstein
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  1. i can have ice cream whenever i want… but i don’t want any ice cream! no! no one can make me eat it!

  2. All dogs are good dogs. The scattered rubbish just means they were making sure you didn’t throw out your recyclables.

  3. Those are not open-toed shoes. Mr. Peanut wears spats, because they’re posh and go with a top hat and monocle. Has nobody here seen a Fred Astaire movie?

    1. Never fear Mark S. I am here to save the day.
      I have seen two Fred Astaire movies. Ginger Rodgers was in both of them.
      I know what spats are and based on my aforementioned expertise, I can attest that Mr. Peanut is indeed, wearing spats.

  4. I down here convinced that someone would be asking for explanation on the Schrodinger one. But alas…….I still have faith in humanity.

    1. No, we all understood the implicit irony of the photo as well as the Schrodinger reference. Try posting the photo in an AOL comment area. Commenters there may not ask for an explanation, but you’ll be pleased to know from their remarks that they don’t get it.

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