18 Top Notch Selfie Captions

These captions might come in handy if you ever take a selfie you actually like. [via 22words]



24 responses to 18 Top Notch Selfie Captions

      1. I do too have a life, I am an important person who does important things all day.

        Nah, just kidding, I don’t have a life.

        But I could have used that two minutes to fix a sandwich or masturbate to a video on pornhub, or laugh at cat videos on youtube, but this post wasted those two minutes.

    1. Only hit me halfway down, but yeah. Apparently “selfie” now just means “portrait”.
      Also, a lot of them look like they’re still checking whether they look good enough to photograph yet.

  1. My faith in the human race is somewhat restored since, up to this point, not one person responded that they thought these were funny.

  2. I agree with everybody else that this is terrible.

    “Pictures of random people with barely-coherent puns” is not humorous content.

  3. What in the hell “ya’ll stay trying me”??

    These were all terrible.

    Also I don’t like this trend of people posting photos of themselves where they have a serious/pouty/bitch face. Like, smile once in a while, you don’t have to look like you were angry earlier but you just found out your ex got an STI from the girl he was cheating on you with so you’re secretly happy but you don’t want people to know that ALL the time.

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