20 Extremely Petty Reasons to End A Relationship

If the reason is petty enough, you can’t even get mad for being dumped. [via ebaumsworld]



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    1. Really? I thought the first one was perhaps the least justified, simply because the guy is a moron for not recognizing there’s an easy solution that doesn’t require breaking up with the girl. Start covering your damn mouth when you yawn, which is considered polite anyway.

      Heck, maybe the girl was annoyed by him because he kept yawning so openly while within arm’s reach of her. It’s petty and passive-aggressive in its own right, but it’s easy to imagine that she was trying to tell him “stop that” without actually saying the words.

      1. Well, if he covered his mouth with his own hand as many of us were taught as members of polite society, that would not happen.

        1. I can’t read half the comments Baca use they go out of site on my browser so sorry if someone else has said this: my ex boyfriend did this and even when I asked him to stop he wouldn’t. Then my husband started doing this when we were still dating and I said stop and he still thought it was funny, did it again and I threatened to break up with him. It is a huge violation if you ask someone not to do something to you. Just like if someone constantly have you wet willies.

  1. My ex was obsessed with Dave Mathews Band. He refused to listen to anything else in the car and it drove me nuts, but he was a good guy and I kept hoping I could get him into different music, so I didn’t break up with him, despite my better judgement. He dumped me instead because I was “prejudiced” against DMB and he couldn’t be with a girl who didn’t adore Dave as much as he did.

    1. I think the DMB obsession was probably more of a symptom of rigidity and unwillingness to compromise. Or he took relationship guidance from the CIA trying to force people out of embassies by constantly playing Barney the Dinosaur, IDK. Neither’s a good thing.

    2. What the hell is (or was) the deal with Dave Matthews Band fans? I’ve directly encountered or heard second-hand stories about a lot of people similar to your ex. If you said anything negative whatsoever, they would come back with a protest that Dave’s cool, man. He wasn’t treated as the front man for their favorite band; he was treated as a close, personal friend, perhaps in the same way that Jesus is a close personal friend to Evangelicals.

    1. or you could not stick your shit stained fingers in my fuckin mouth while I yawn. I’d understand if people made a loud noise while they yawned but there’s no reason to stick your fuckin fingers down my throat

  2. Some of these reasons are perfectly legitimate, like the finger in mouth person or the easy upsell or the loud chewer or the vegan/vegetarian idiot. It’s not petty to end something quick if you know they’re going to irritate the living crap out of you (or if they seem to be fiscally irresponsible). Letting it drag on would be unfair to the both of you.

  3. Ex had a nasty habit of running his thumb up the crack of my butt (through clothes) when we were out and standing in a line, or with a group of people and no one could see him. It always startled me–I felt violated. Well, he did it ONE TOO MANY TIMES and we were at the check out counter at a grocery store and he did it. I turned around and literally SLAPPED THE LIVING $+IT out of him. I’ll bet that cashier still talks about it…

    1. woulda been totally impossible to just have a serious conversation with him and ask him to stop right?

        1. Having a conversation with someone about something that bothers you is common sense, not mansplaining.

          1. What makes you think I didn’t tell him to stop, oh, FIFTY MILLION TIMES BEFORE?

  4. I guess I’m particularly irritated by sounds.
    The radio delayed-singing, vocally eating, and talking during movie dialogue would really bother me.

    1. Same. My sister is a loud eater who chews with her mouth open and it drives me up the fucking wall. Fortunately for her, she married someone who eats exactly the same way. I went on a date once with a guy to see that Russell Crowe film Master and Commander and I had no clue what was going on in the plot because he talked through it the WHOLE time. There were people shushing him and he still didn’t stop. Gah.

  5. Another which i think is another excuse is irreconcilable difference, well i believe no two people are the same there would always be conflict of interest or personality, the key is understanding and tolerance

  6. Some of these are totally reasonable but I have no tolerance for people who insist that the t.v. volume needs to be on an even number. Get over it. It’s not important. And don’t try to say you have OCD about it either.

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