15 Hilarious Uno Memes

Uno is a great, low stakes way to practice breaking hearts. [via dorkly]



8 responses to 15 Hilarious Uno Memes

  1. “Reverse back to me” in 2-player Uno, as implied in number 9, is BS. To me, “Reverse” means “Instead of the player on my left, the next turn goes to the player on my right”, so a Reverse should have no effect when there are only 2 players. Otherwise you’d get a second turn after playing a Reverse no matter how many players there are.
    I believe this very strongly.

      1. I actually didn’t know that until today. It still feels inconsistent, and was never explained to me as an official rule. I don’t think it’s how I would have written the rules, and it will make me cringe when I have to play it that way.

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